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- Title | Microscopy - the dust

- Year | 2020

- Size | Frame: 23 cm in diameter with variable shadow size.

- Media | Iron frame, fabrics, plastic

- Description |

A microscope is a window showing a variety of life possibilities on the planet. Even in a speck of dust, there is a world inside. I'd like to mimic the way of observing things with a microscope and finding how marvellous of nature.

Therefore, I combined different types of white fabrics to create a kind of flat and invisible feelings in the front with a microscope-style window frame, while there is a complicated grey-scales in the shadow in which symbolising those hidden and unseen living things.

- 名稱:顯微學-微塵埃

- 年份:2020年

- 尺寸:外框23公分,影子作品尺寸可依實際場地調整。

- 媒材:可動式鐵框、布、塑膠

- 簡介:



- アーティスト| Weiyun Chang

- タイトル | 顕微鏡 - ほこり

- 年|2020

- サイズ|フレーム直径23cm、ヴァリアブル影

- ミディア |鉄のフレーム、布、プラスチック

- 解説|



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