Wei-Yun (張為雲) is a Taiwanese artist and curator. She usually uses non-traditional materials to create her work and aims to extend the various possibilities and contexts for visual storytelling. Her work has been exhibited in independent art fairs and galleries in Asia and Europe since 2014. 


Common themes explored in her work are about children, the inner-child, dreams, consciousness, death, and nature. By using research and storytelling, she explores different aspects of seeing spaces, objects, concepts, and environments, and then selects the most appropriate materials for each project.


Wei-Yun’s artworks are interactive. They can be experienced through a variety of different contexts and levels. The subjects are mainly focused on finding new ways of seeing and creating experimental experiences between imagination and reality.



Branding Identity

Art marketing

Visual art

Art installation

Graphic design


MA Illustration, University for the Creative Arts, United Kingdom

GDAD, Art&Design, University for Creative Arts, United Kingdom

BA College of Communication, National Chengchi University, Taiwan

英國創意藝術大學 插畫所 碩士

英國創意藝術大學 藝術與設計學位

國立台灣政治大學 新聞系 學士





2019.10 Art Market Budapest 聯展|布達佩斯,匈牙利

2019.01 賀喔文旅藝術聯展|高雄,台灣

2018.05 尋花.問草個展|EA gallery | 台北,台灣

2018.03 Harbour Art Fair |香港

2018.02 Hybrid Art Fair 聯展|馬德里 ,西班牙

2018.02 Mzone自造光節 | Mzone | 高雄駁二,台灣

2017.06 Camp Basel 獨立藝術家聯展 |巴塞爾 ,瑞士

2015.08 聯展:TAGBOAT ART FES | 淺草橋 |東京,日本

2015.07-2017.02 移動式巡迴聯展:一間正在旅行的美術館 | 台灣

2014.04 年度駐村藝術家 | easyoga台中生活館 | 台中,台灣

2014.02 個展「我在你眼裡綻放」 | 華山1914文創園區 | 台北,台灣

2014.02 華山365藝術家計劃:二月 | 華山1914文創園區 | 台北,台灣


2019.10  Art Market Budapest |Budapest, Hungary

2019.01  Hooray Boutique Hotel|Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2018.05  Solo Exhibition | EA gallery | Taipei, Taiwan

2018.03  Harbour Art Fair |Hong Kong
2018.02  Hybrid Art Fair | Madrid, Spain

2018.02  The Mzone Light Festival | Mzone | Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2017.06  Camp Basel Revisited | Basel, Switzerland

2015.08  TAGBOAT ART FES | Asakusabashi, Tokyo

2015.07-2017.02 Exhibition: Art on the road, Artist | Taiwan

2014.04  easyoga Taichung Art project, Artist | easyoga, Taichung, Taiwan

2014.02  Solo exhibition: Blooming in Your Eyes | Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

2014.02  365 Art Project | Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan




2019.07  法國時裝設計品牌 CATHERINE ANDRÉ 2020春夏新品展|台北

2019.02 「第三屆自造光節:M.ZONE光工場」|Mzone|高雄駁二藝文特區,台灣

2019.01  法國時裝設計品牌 CATHERINE ANDRÉ 2019秋冬新品展|台灣

2018.02 「自造光節」|Mzone|高雄駁二藝文特區|台灣

2015.1-7 Lydia@Talk Future|SOS新聞募資平台|台灣

2015.07 移動式巡迴聯展:一間正在旅行的美術館 | 台灣

2014.12 南紡夢時代開幕藝術合作|台南,台灣

2014.04 年度駐村藝術計畫 | easyoga台中生活館 | 台中,台灣

2014.02 個展「我在你眼裡綻放」 | 華山1914文創園區 | 台北,台灣


2019.07  CATHERINE ANDRÉ 2020 SS Showroom|Taipei, Taiwan

2019.02  The Mzone Light Lab|Mzone|Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2019.01  CATHERINE ANDRÉ 2019 AW Showroom|Taipei, Taiwan

2018.02  The Mzone Light Festival|Mzone|Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2015.1-7  Lydia@Talk Future|SOS crowd-funding platform |Taipei, Taiwan

2015.07 Exhibition: Art on the road, Artist | Taiwan

2014.12   T.S. Mall Opening art-event|Tainan,Taiwan

2014.04  easyoga Taichung Art project, Artist | easyoga, Taichung, Taiwan

2014.02  Solo exhibition: Blooming in Your Eyes | Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei, Taiwan

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