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The M.ZONE Light Festival

Client | M.ZONE

Curation / Visual design / Installation / Media

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Brand x Independent art show

Task & Solution:

01. Creating a special/annual event for their brand.

02. Combining makerspace with art and the topic of "light".

03. Delivery the message of the different possibilities that "makerspace" can do/play with.

I curated a show including various forms of arts related to light and shadow. To bring out the strength of "M.ZONE as a makerspace with various opportunities", therefore, I invited independent artists/design groups to use the machine or materials from makerspace to make artworks and shown on the 2nd floor, including visual art, installations, photography, performance art. At the same time, we offered different "Open studio" booths on the 1st floor to provide the audience with the experiences of craft techniques, machines or materials that shown on the 2nd floor. 

Location: M.ZONE in the Pier2 Art Center

Size: 830  square metre / 1F & 2F

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